Hi, welcome to Mole DEMO.

I can help you to take control of your sensitive data (GDPR, Privacy Act, HIPAA...), confidential information subject to NDA, avoid penalties and loss of reputation. This is a demo version which may differ from the actual app. We are ready to adjust the app to your specific requirements.

How exactly can I help you?

Check-out files containing sensitive data, PII (GDPR relevant) and their details.
Find who has access to files and check-out the details.
Do you need to find information related to your employee, customer or any other person who requests to be informed on the sensitive data you store about them or requests to be forgotten?
Would you like to find duplicate files to save space and system resources?
Looking for specific keywords to find your potentially confident data subject to NDA?

Now what?

If you are interested, schedule a call with our consultant here. We are ready to help you with a PoC on your data.

Would you like to partner with us and share Mole with your customers or partners? Schedule a call with our partner relationship manager here. We are ready to get engaged, provide enablement and help you to be successful.

File Analysis

Architecture mapping


    Creation Date
    Modification Date
    Owner, Authors
    ...and many more


    Words frequency analysis
    Word position analysis
    Qlik smartsearch

Accesses and permissions

    Read/write permissions
    Owner/Author of the document

Semantic Analysis

Identification and categorisation of GDPR relevant data

Predefined rules

    E-mail addresses
    Names, Cities
    Country-specific rules (USA, GB, AUS, SK, CZ, HU)
    ID card no., driving license no., passport no.
    NIN - National identity number
    License plate no.
    Dates of birth
    Phone numbers
    Credit cards
    IP addresses

Defining algorithms over particular word

    Algorithms over a particular word that can be defined in a customization file

Final Analysis

A single overview of all analyzed data sources

Predefined analyses

    GDPR content analysis
    Frequency and position analysis
    Descriptive metadata analysis by different categories
    Duplicate / effective resource use analysis
    Access and authorizations analysis

Custom ad-hoc analysis

    Secured by a Qlik-based solution